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Settlement Funding by CLF

Certified Legal Funding (CLF) provides accident victims with low cost cash advances and pre-settlement accident lawsuit funding while awaiting pending litigation or negotiations as a result of auto accidents or other personal injury cases.

Get the cash you need NOW for your accident or personal injury lawsuit.

Accident victims often require money for certain expenses while awaiting a settlement. Sometimes these expenses may become unmanageable and may force a client to settle for lower amounts on their case. We have helped individuals obtain relief when medical bills, living expenses, and other expenses pile up prior to settlement.

We provide pre-settlement cash advances with respect to anticipated recoveries for personal and work related injury claims and lawsuits including workers compensation lawsuit funding. The amount of money you may qualify for depends on your needs and the recovery potential of the case. Such funds may be used for any purpose including living expenses, medical treatment, education, mortgage or rent payments, car loan payments, etc. and may provide the financial security necessary to resist the temptation to accept unreasonably low offers and to ultimately achieve a more favorable resolution of your case.

We do the research, we take the risk and we fund you based on your case merits. The cash advance's and personal injury funding that we provide is contingent upon your successful recovery of proceeds from your lawsuit or settlement. You pay only from the proceeds of your recovery. If you don't win, you don't pay. Certified Legal Funding is looking forward to helping you!

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