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Why you should consider pre-settlement cash funding?

Certain claims may take a long time (several months and sometimes years) to reach a conclusion. While attorneys may cover all or some of the legal expenses associated with your case, you must still have enough money to cover medical or other living expenses. If you have become disabled or your income has diminished in any way, then it may be impossible for you to cover these expenses and still maintain your standard of living. We understand debt collectors do not care if you are injured and can’t work to pay your bills, so waiting until the end of the lawsuit may not be a possibility. Why wait?  Get YOUR money! Click to Apply NOW!

Attorneys in most states cannot support you financially during this difficult time, as they cannot or are not allowed to advance their client any money; this may cause a conflict of interest. Therefore, Certified Legal Funding has stepped in to fill this gap. You need the money NOW — we are here to help NOW!

Certified Legal Funding provides pre-settlement cash advances with respect to anticipated recoveries for personal and work related injury claims and lawsuits. The amount of the cash advance depends on your needs and the recovery potential of your case. Our advances may be used for any purpose including living expenses, medical treatment, education, mortgage or rent payments, car loan payments, etc. and may provide the financial security necessary to resist the temptation to accept unreasonably low settlement offers and to ultimately achieve a more favorable resolution of your case.

Principal Features of Our Investment Program

  • No monthly payments – The advance and accrued interest would be due and payable out of recovery at the end of the case. If you don’t win, you don’t pay.
  • Recoup of investment – We purchase a portion of the recovery of your case. The investment and profit are recouped from the proceeds of any settlement or judgment.
  • Control – You and your attorney would continue to retain complete control over all aspects of the case and any settlement negotiations.
  • Streamlined process – Requests for information are focused on the facts and documents we need to evaluate your claim and we strive to limit our imposition on counsel’s time. We will determine whether to fund the client’s request, promptly after we receive the information requested by us; If it is approved, an agreement will be sent to you for your attorney and you to sign. As soon as the signed agreement is returned the funds will be forwarded to you.

After we receive your QUICK application, we contact your attorney to request information on your case. Once we receive the information, we evaluate your case VERY QUICKLY to determine if we can secure your money FAST. Once the funding is approved, we will forward the payment to you WITHOUT DELAY. There is no need to appear personally. Everything is completed through e-mail or fax. OUR GOAL IS TO GET YOU YOUR MONEY FAST!

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