Every lawsuit funding company requires cooperation from your personal injury attorney ,approved pre-settlement cash advance is not easy to get. So, if you ever decide to apply for a pre-settlement cash advance, you need to have an attorney who will later cooperate with the lawsuit funding company, providing all the necessary documentation related to your case.

It may happen from time to time that your attorney will steer you from applying for the cash advance because it may not be in your best interest. However, the decision is always up to you- the plaintiff.

approved pre-settlement cash advance

Attorney cooperation is required

If you wish to apply for legal funding, then your attorney needs to reveal the details of your case to the funding company. It may happen that your personal injury attorney will say no to this because it waves the well-known client-attorney privilege. This means if your attorney accepts to cooperate with the funding company, the details of your case are not known just by you and him/her.

This can sometimes be a huge barrier in getting lawsuit funding because attorneys are obligated to protect your best interests.

If it happens that your attorney isn’t happy about you applying for a cash advance, you should talk to him/her and find out the reasons, which may help you decide whether to apply or not. In the end, the decision is all yours.

Were you denied for lawsuit funding?

Has it ever happened that you applied for the funding but were denied by the legal funding company? Don’t lose hope because your case may qualify later.

If your case becomes stronger or moves closer to the trial, it’s possible that you qualify again and receive the money you need. Moreover, you can ask the company why your case has been denied the funding, so you can work on strengthening it.

How does a lawsuit company determine if your case qualifies for a cash advance?

If your case stands a good chance of winning and the settlement is large enough to repay the cash advance, the funding company will most likely approve the request you sent. However, your case will be examined in detail before reaching the final conclusion and offering a pre-settlement cash advance.

How CLF works

When it comes to the Certified Legal Funding’s pre-settlement funding, it’s important to know that there are no monthly payments and the advance would be payable out of your recovery at the end of the case. If you don’t win, you don’t pay.

This means that we purchase a portion of the recovery of your case. The investment and profit are paid from the proceeds of any settlement and judgment.

What is also very important is that you and your attorney keep control over the case and any settlement negotiations.

approved pre-settlement cash advance

Attorneys cannot support you during this time as they do not lend money to their clients; this would cause a conflict of interest that may interfere with the attorney-client relationship. Therefore, Certified Legal Funding has stepped in to fill this gap. You need the money NOW — we are here to help NOW! Types of cases that are usually funded are: slips and falls, motor vehicle accidents, pedestrian accidents, worker’s compensation, wrongful death and product liability. Call us today on our toll-free number: 800 922-7439.

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