A car accident can upend your life in an instance. One second you are going about your day and the next second you are facing a whole lot of new obstacles on top of your existing challenges. The bad news is that the bills and expenses will keep on piling up, regardless of the obstacles you are facing. The good news is that there is a way to regain your financial freedom even when life refuses to wait for your settlement.

Here at Certified Legal Funding, we specialize in cash advances for personal injury claims. Our entire team understands that the car accident settlement process can be a complicated, exhausting experience, so we made it our mission to help the victims first understand what certified funding is and how to use it to ensure the best outcome. Here is everything you need to know about getting a cash advance on your car accident settlement.

Qualifying for car accident loans

Car accident loans are also referred to as legal finance loans or legal settlement loans, but should not be confused with traditional bank loans. While there are many differences between the two financial tools, the most important one is that car accident loans are non-recourse.

This means that the lender can be repaid from your settlement alone and cannot go after your other assets. If you happen to lose your case, you do not have to repay your car accident loan.


Another major difference is that your credit score does not play a role during the approval process, so even if you have a less-than-perfect credit score, you can still qualify for a car accident loan.

Legal finance loans, however, are not just handed out – there are two important requirements you do need to meet. First, you need to have an active personal injury claim and second, you need to have an attorney. If you don’t have an attorney call us on 800-922-7439 before filling up the form.

Your attorney is the key element of your application

We understand that plaintiffs have a lot on their plates, so we made sure that the application process is as simple as possible. In fact, all you need to do is enter your and your attorney’s contact details. We will then contact your attorney and take care of everything with them while you focus on your recovery. They will need to provide us with documents that will help us calculate the potential settlement amount if you win your case. Once we review everything, you will receive your cash advance in less than 24 hours after the application is approved.

Pre-settlement funding can help you win a larger settlement

While the main purpose of pre-settlement funding is to help you pay the medical bills and other living expenses while you wait for your settlement, there is another long-term benefit of pre-settlement funding you need to keep in mind.


If you want to build a strong, compelling legal case, your attorney will need time. The same goes for negotiating a fair settlement. If you cannot afford to wait it out, you might be compelled to accept the first offer, even though it is far below what you expected or need to cover all your expenses. Legal funding can help you cover your expenses while your attorney works on your case and negotiates a settlement you truly deserve.

Don’t delay – apply today!

Fill out your application, it’s fast, free, and easy. Should you have any questions, or you simply want to apply over the phone, feel free to give us a call at 800-922-7439 and our friendly staff will walk you through the process.

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