Unfortunately, car accidents happen all the time leaving many people injured or in a worst case scenario they result in people losing their lives. Crashing your car can lead to severe long-term consequences- physical, emotional and financial.

Expenses that you may incur after an accident can reach thousands of dollars. It’s possible that the car insurance company can cover some of the costs, but it may not be enough. You may still find yourself struggling to pay for everyday expenses and if injured, for medical expenses too.

It’s a known fact that lawsuits can take months and years even to settle which puts plaintiffs in a financial strain. A solution for you is to look for a lawsuit cash advance company such as Certified Legal Funding which will give you the best lawsuit cash advance.

A lawsuit cash advance can help you

As already mentioned, a car crash can cause serious injuries which can prevent you from going to work and the income you once had may stop. Here are some of the expenses you need to take care of after an accident:

  •       Monthly expenses such as a mortgage, rent, utilities, and other ongoing expenses
  •       Medical expenses
  •       Lost wages
  •       Legal expenses if you need an attorney
  •       Car payments, even though you don’t have an operating car anymore

Florida lawsuit cash advance is something that will stabilize your finances while you wait for your case to settle.

A cash advance is not a regular loan

There’s a common misconception that a cash advance on pending lawsuit is the same as a regular loan. But, a cash advance isn’t the same as a loan because it’s contingent on the outcome of your case. If you win the case, the portion of your settlement pays back the advance you received from a lawsuit funding company. However, if you don’t win the case, you don’t pay anything back. Regardless of the outcome of your case, you are financially secure and stable when you receive your cash advance until the case settles.

In order to qualify for an advance, you will need to submit an application along with your medical bills, police reports, car repair bills, witness statements and all other documents that will prove your case is viable. If chances of winning your case look good, the chances of receiving pre-settlement funding will also be good.

If you need cash while waiting for your case to settle, feel free to contact our experts at Certified Legal Funding. You will go through a simple process of applying and will get your cash approved within hours. Call today at 800 922-7439! Friendly representatives are available 24/7!

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