If you sustained severe injuries and suffered from a temporary or permanent disability as the result of an accident, your income might be affected, forcing you to miss wages while dealing with increased medical expenses. It can take months and even years to settle a case, especially when it goes to court. But don’t worry. The staff at Certified Legal Funding can help you get much-needed cash while you wait for your settlement. Here they provide answers to questions they often get from their clients.

Do I need to wait to get settlement money?

The expenses you accrue while you wait for the settlement can be far greater than what the actual settlement can cover. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait for the settlement money. Certified Legal Funding can help you receive a portion of your settlement funds so you can pay medical bills, mortgage, tuition, and daily living expenses.

Do I need to wait to get settlement money?

Is pre-settlement funding considered a loan?

Legal funding is also known as certified funding, legal finance loans, and legal settlement loans, which is where the confusion comes from. While many of the terms contain the word loan, pre-settlement funding should not be mistaken for a bank loan. Unlike bank loans, you are not obligated to repay pre-settlement funding if you do not win your case. Instead, it is more like getting an advance on your incoming settlement.

Does everyone qualify for legal funding for lawsuits?

While it is fairly easy to apply for pre-settlement accident lawsuit funding, not everyone actually qualifies. To qualify for legal financing, you must have already hired an attorney and sustained a personal injury that requires time off from work and forces you to pay other obligations.

What is the process to get legal funding?

The staff at Certified Legal Funding ensures that the application process is as simple as possible.

  1. Apply for legal funding by filling out the form on the website or by calling 800-922-7439 and applying over the phone. Trained personnel will guide you through the entire process.
  2. CLF will reach out to your attorney to discuss the details of your case and work through everything necessary to get the money to your account as soon as possible.
  3. After your application is approved, you sign the agreement and receive your money in less than 24 hours.

Is the approval process for pre-settlement funding like getting a bank loan?

While bank loan approval almost always requires substantial background checks and an impeccable credit score, the only factor crucial for legal funding applications are the circumstances of your case. This means you are free to apply even if you have a less than perfect credit score.

Is the approval process for pre-settlement funding like getting a bank loan?

Why should I choose Certified Legal Funding?

The advances with Certified Legal Funding can be used for any purpose; after all, it is your money to spend. This means you can pay your mortgage while waiting for the settlement, as well as your medical bills, tuition, medical treatment, or car payments. Basically, pre-settlement funding gives you the financial freedom to resist the temptation to accept unreasonably low settlement offers.

Want to know more? Call CLF at 800-922-7439 to discuss the quickest way you can achieve a more favorable resolution of your case. The staff at CLF can help you regain your financial freedom without having to worry about monthly payments and application fees.

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