In a single moment, your life can be changed beyond repair by the carelessness or negligence of someone else. In addition to suffering from an injury, you might end up facing mounting bills and insufficient income. This causes added stress – whether it’s medical bills for surgery, therapy, and medication, or you need to take time off from work and lose stable income.

The solution can seem obvious: simply file a lawsuit. However, the issue with personal injury claims is that cases can take months or even years to be closed or resolved. As you recover and wait for justice to be served, debt collectors do not care if you are injured and can’t work to pay your bills. While attorneys can cover some or even all legal expenses, they cannot lend you any money as it would jeopardize the attorney-client relationship by causing a conflict of interest. A pre-settlement legal funding or cash advance can come in handy. But how do you decide if a pre-settlement cash advance is right for you?

Pre-Settlement Cash Advance

Do you want to avoid another line of credit?

Legal funding for lawsuits in Tampa is provided on a risk-free, non-recourse basis. This differs considerably from bank loans and lines of credit. Unlike legal funding companies, banks require non-liquid assets as collateral in order to recoup their investment. In fact, banks can pursue your assets that are not related to the litigation to gain satisfaction if you lose your case. Certified funding entitles the lender to repayment only from the profits of the project the loan is funding. This means that if you lose your case, you keep the settlement advance and owe nothing.

Are you concerned about your credit score?

Contrary to popular belief, pre-settlement cash advances do not require credit checks. In other words, the advance is based solely on the details and circumstances of your particular case, not your score. This is game-changing in a world where the legal system can feel like it was built by and for the rich. Legal funding was created as a powerful opportunity for everyone to fight for justice.

Are you struggling to pay the bills?

Certain cases can drag on and pose a serious threat to the plaintiff as the bills and unexpected expenses keep coming in. The last thing you need after becoming injured is becoming homeless. Our clients use personal injury funding to cover everything from medical treatment, living expenses, and education to mortgage payments, car loan payments, and rent.

Pre-Settlement Cash Advance

Do you need more time to reach a settlement?

Not all lawsuit settlement offers will be in your favor. If you’re struggling to make ends meet, you might be tempted to take anything you can get. However, applying for a pre-settlement cash advance can quickly help you alleviate the financial burden. This, in turn, will give your attorney much needed time to ensure fair and reasonable monetary compensation for the injuries and damages you endured.

If you are still not sure if a pre-settlement cash advance is right for you, contact the experts at Certified Legal Funding for further information on risk-free cash advances at 800 922-7439.


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