Being involved in an accident where you have sustained injuries and recovering from it may be very difficult. The goal of any recovery path is getting your regular life back. Many people end up getting hurt in the accident and receiving a fair assessment of the value of the lawsuit is one of the priorities of every plaintiff and his/her attorney.

Most people want to know the typical personal injury settlements, what their claim is worth and what might affect its value. If you live in Florida then you want to know about Florida personal injury settlements. Read on and find out the factors that will influence the value of your personal injury settlement.

The multiplier

Pain and suffering, emotional anguish and the loss of normal bodily function will affect the value of your settlement. There is no one way to calculate your non-economic damages. You have to add up your economic damages and apply a multiplier which can vary depending on your injuries. Different factors determine whether you get a higher or lower multiplier. The multiplier will be higher if the following circumstances are present in your case: injuries that cause you to depend on other people’s help, injuries that cause you to miss important things in life such as school, doing sports etc, medical costs that are spent on your treatment, disfigurement, injuries that impact your daily routine, medications to take long-term or short-term, medical treatment from specialists and doctors,hard tissue injuries, traumatic brain injury, nerve and spine injuries, and joint injuries.

The following factors make the multiplier lower: soft tissue injuries, no need for medications, expenses that are for medical diagnosis and not for treatment, treatment from individuals who aren’t doctors, no scars that are visible, no permanent injuries, no need for someone else’s help.

Other factors

Apart from the above-mentioned factors, there are other things that you and the other party will both pay attention to. These factors may include and have an impact on your settlement: the witness’ credibility, whether you sought medical attention immediately after the accident, medical records, shared liability, any conditions that could have contributed to your current injuries, whether you followed your doctor’s advice and treatment plan, etc.

The value of the case might change

The value isn’t always predictable but you should do everything in your power to maximize it. You and your personal injury lawyer should be aware of your case’s strengths and weaknesses and work on them.

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