If you are in a rough spot because of an accident due to someone’s negligence, are you financially protected? Maybe you already took the step to file a personal injury claim. But, as the plaintiff what recourse do you have for your financial situation? With medical bills raining down and your paycheck has gone because the sustained injuries prevent you from working, what can you do? One thing you can do is settle early. But that is not what you really want to do, is it? You just need a temporary lifeline while you wait for your lawsuit to finish or to settle. All this can be avoided with pre-settlement funding. With pre-settlement funding, you can get the loan you need in order to pay off your bills and keep your head above water.

Pre-settlement funding can be that solution you were looking for. But, how can you qualify? Is it like a regular loan? Not exactly. The first step to qualify is to be the plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit. If you are most likely to win or settle, then you are in good shape. Next, you have to speak with your lawyer and come to an agreement to use a legal funding company. Once both you and your lawyer agree, then you can send the agreement out. When the legal funding company approves your application, you’ll receive a portion of your settlement up front. No risk, no collateral, and no snooping into your credit history.

So, what’s the catch? There isn’t one. If you lose, you don’t pay. If you win, you get your money! All you have to do is pay back the amount loaned out plus interest and fees. It really is that simple.

Now is the time to secure your financial future while you await your settlement. Don’t settle for anything less than the amount you deserve. Make sure you receive the money that should be awarded to you by calling us at 1-800-922-7439 today. We are available 24/7 because we know the world doesn’t stop for anybody. So, let CLF have your back by helping you get back on your feet.


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