If you’ve been in an accident or have been injured due to someone else’s carelessness, you may be unsure what to do, especially if you’re unable to work as your medical expenses pile up, then hiring a personal injury attorney can help.

Are you supposed to hire a personal injury attorney to help you with filing a personal injury lawsuit?

Although there are cases that may not require an attorney, we always recommend hiring one because he/she can use his/her expertise and obtain the compensation that you really deserve.

Here are some of the scenarios that require an experienced attorney. (NOTE: Even though your case may not fall into any of these categories, you should consult an attorney to help you decide whether or not to apply for a pre-settlement cash advance.)

Permanent disability

If you are required to have long-term care because you’ve sustained severe injuries that have caused you a permanent disability, then the best thing to do is to hire an attorney because there’s so much at stake.

Having an experienced attorney in these types of cases means that you are more than serious in pursuing the compensation you deserve, and he/she will be able to help you pursue the highest available compensation.

Severe injuries

How is injury severity measured? There are a few things that need to be taken into consideration when determining that factor, including the type of injury, medical expenses you have to pay, and the length of your recovery.

Severe injuries can greatly impact the quality of a person’s life and his/her ability to find a job. Because of this, it’s essential that you have an attorney by your side in order to get full compensation from the insurance company.

The insurance company refuses to pay

There are instances when insurance companies just don’t want to pay any compensation. If this is the case, you have to seek help from an attorney immediately.

Also, don’t be surprised if an insurance company exhibits so-called bad faith insurance practices. Some examples of bad faith insurance practices include when the insurance company denies a claim outright without providing any reasons, delays the payment, misinterprets the law, or offers less money than the actual settlement is worth.


Hiring a personal injury attorney is vital in any of the aforementioned situations because he/she will lead you through the entire process and do their best to secure a fair settlement for your case.

If you’re unable to work and are struggling to pay your medical bills, rent, mortgage or any other expense a person may incur after an accident and you have an attorney by your side, you can apply for lawsuit funding. Pre-settlement funding will be of great use to you while you and your attorney work on securing the best settlement possible.

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