If you are the plaintiff in a personal injury case, chances are you are in dire need of help and pre-settlement funding helps you in your financial needs. If you are a victim of an accident, a slip and fall, of getting injured while on the job, or any other negligent accident, you shouldn’t have to worry about your finances. All these cases can qualify as a reason to file a personal injury lawsuit. But, what happens if you can’t work or pay your bills. Where can you turn to? That’s where pre-settlement funding comes in. Pre-settlement funding allows you to survive while you await your settlement. Think of pre-settlement funding as a loan, but better.

While you wait for your settlement, you still need to pay the bills and medical expenses. Pre-settlement funding can help with that. As previously stated, it’s not like most loans. In fact, unlike most loans, you don’t have to provide collateral or have your credit history closely examined. Instead you only have to qualify with a few simple steps.

First off you must obviously be the plaintiff in the personal injury case. You must also have your lawyer on a contingency. Also, your case should be strong enough that you will likely win or settle out of court. However, if you don’t win, you don’t pay! That’s right, you simply walk away owing the legal funding company nothing. Lastly, you must have an agreement with your lawyer about applying for a pre-settlement cash advance. Once the legal funding company receives your agreement, your money will be sent over to you shortly, allowing you to regain financial control of your life. It’s that simple and easy!

Don’t put your life on pause while you await your settlement. If your injury took you out of work, effectively cutting off your revenue stream, then you need pre-settlement funding. Get the money you need now by applying for a pre-settlement cash advance.

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