Being involved in an accident due to someone else’s negligence is terrible. Besides the immediate pain, you also tend to experience pain and suffering long after the accident. This pain can be both physical and mental, since accidents are quite traumatic experiences. On top of that, your medical bills can pile up and your financial stability can be devastated. That is why pre-settlement funding can help when it comes to staying afloat. With pre-settlement funding, you can rest assured that your medical bills will be covered while you wait for your compensation to be given. But, in the meantime it’s important to understand, before looking into pre-settlement funding, how your compensation amount is derived. So, when it comes to claiming compensation, don’t forget that you need to take the enduring pain and suffering into account as well. However, how does one put a dollar amount to mental pain and suffering? There isn’t really any set guideline or law that dictates exactly how much your mental pain costs. But, there are some things to keep in mind when determining the amount:

Injury – Type and Severity  

This is the first place to start looking when evaluating your compensation amount. The type of injury you sustained and the severity of it matters. This also includes the medical bills and expenses involved with treating the injury and with recovery. Plus, you will want to factor in future costs of rehab and whatever else is necessary to treat your injuries. However, these are just the physical injuries. You must also look at the mental injuries that you sustained. Depression, anxiety, or less of mental capacities needs to be factored in because they can have some serious, long-lasting consequences. All of these things together will be reviewed in order to determine the amount that you should be awarded.

Other Factors Determining Your Compensation Amount

There are also other factors that can affect your compensation amount. For one thing, the defendant will be closely monitoring your recovery. Everything will be looked at with a magnifying glass in order to ensure that your injury and recover is valid. Your lawyer can assist you in this process so that you can rightfully claim the full amount of your compensation.

There are also other things to consider as well:

  1. How you represent yourself. The way you carry yourself will factor in to your compensation. Are you telling the truth when it comes to your case? Are you trustworthy and consistent? These factors are important in establishing credibility.
  2. Being truthful. If you lie about your injury or greatly exaggerate them, it can hurt your case. Be truthful about your injuries and how it affects your daily life.
  3. Doctor corroboration. Your injury claims should be consistent with what your doctor or doctors state.

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