Motorcycle riding is a popular hobby and way of transportation for many people around the globe. That said, it is widely known that riding a motorcycle can be dangerous. When it comes to riding a motorcycle it is important to understand your states laws as well as constantly practice riders’ safety.

In this article we will cover important Florida motorcycle laws that will assist new and existing riders.

What is Considered a Motorcycle?

Florida law defines a motorcycle as any motorized vehicle with two or three wheels along with an engine 50cc or more.  Mopeds and scooters are not considered motorcycles and require a regular driver’s license or a class E license.

If you drive a motorcycle or have interest in riding a motorcycle take a look at the following important Florida motorcycle laws:

Florida Motorcycle License:

In the state of Florida, you must obtain a motorcycle license or motorcycle endorsement before legally driving a motorcycle. A motorcycle endorsement is added to a current and valid Florida driver’s license. If an individual does not have a regular drivers license and wishes to drive a motorcycle they can go through the process of obtaining a motorcycle only license. In both cases you must take and pass the Basic Rider Course also known as the Florida motorcycle test. To learn more about obtaining a motorcycle license or endorsement visit –

Helmet Law:

Helmet law in Florida varies by age and insurance policy. For riders aged 16-20, wearing an approved safety helmet is required by law. If a rider is over the age of 21 and has an insurance policy that provides at least $10,000 in medical benefits for injuries that can occur from a motorcycle accident, they do not have to wear a helmet. Overall, it is highly recommended to wear a safety helmet every time you are on a motorcycle.

Eye Protection:

All motorcyclists no matter their age or insurance policy must wear eye protection when operating a motorcycle. Approved eye protection options include: goggles, glasses, and face shields.

Important Riding Laws:

There are many important riding laws in the state of Florida that riders must follow.  Many of the laws are extremely important for the safety of yourself and others around you. The following are some of the most important riding laws:

  • Motorcyclists are not allowed to wear headphones or earphones while riding.
  • Law prohibits motorcyclists from riding side by side.
  • Motorcycle riders must never split lanes while riding
  • Every motorcycle must have working turn signals and at least one rearview mirror according to Florida motorcycle requirements.

If an Accident Occurs:

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, please follow the normal steps you would take in a car accident. If the accident was minor you may not need a lawyer. If in fact the motorcycle accident was not your fault and it resulted in serious injury – you may have grounds for a personal injury case.

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