A big mistake that people involved in a personal injury case make is that they believe that they are automatically entitled to a settlement. However, this isn’t the case. Being injured isn’t enough to win your personal injury lawsuit. Instead, you need to prove that you are injured and that it was due to the defendant’s negligence. In addition to fighting for a settlement, you have to worry about how to financially support yourself in the meantime. With pre-settlement funding, you won’t have to worry. Pre-settlement funding gives you the ability to keep yourself financially stable while you continue to fight for your settlement. Personal injury lawsuits are settled quickly. They could take months or even years, something that can create quite a financial hardship. Pre-settlement funding can ease that hardship while you wait to settle. During the lawsuit, keep these three things in mind to help your case:

1. Be Specific

When it comes to your injury or injuries, be descriptive about the pain and its effects. Also, make sure to mention how often you feel the pain and how it affects you throughout the day. The more specific you are the better shot you have at convincing the jury and insurance company that you really are in serious pain.

2. Seek Out Medical Treatment

If you skip out on your medical treatment, then it will be hard for anyone to believe that you are in serious pain. So, if you are hurt, go to the doctor. Otherwise your settlement will fall apart. Avoid having this happen by seeking out immediate medical attention after the accident. Another thing to note is the importance of keeping a record of your medical history post-accident. Anything that you feel because of the accident should be properly noted. Also, be sure to be consistent when reporting on these issues with other medical professionals. Inconsistences will hurt your case. Lastly, make sure to keep past injuries separate from your accident. Lumping them with your accident will look bad for you.

3. Be Open and Clear With Your Lawyer

Your lawyer is one of your biggest advocates. If you plan on having a major procedure done or about switching doctors, tell them. They are working tirelessly to ensure that you get the best outcome that you can. By giving them surprises, you make it harder for them and therefore harder for you.

Now is the time to secure your financial future while you await your settlement. Don’t settle for anything less than the amount you deserve. Make sure you receive the money that should be awarded to you by calling us at 1-800-922-7439 today. We are available 24/7, because we know the world doesn’t stop for anybody. So, let CLF have your back with pre-settlement funding.

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