We all know that social media today is an inevitable part of almost everyone’s life. Sharing pieces of information from personal lives is a common thing and nothing strange.

If you’re a personal injury attorney, then you know that this trend might be better to avoid if possible, especially if you’re a plaintiff in a personal injury case.

There are people who share too much info which may end up hurting them and their case. It’s usual that people share the news about the accident they were involved in or medical updates. Even though these updates may be innocent enough, they may end up in the wrong hands and used against you and it may prevent you from obtaining a much needed pre-settlement funding.

Social media posts may not be helpful

If your client was in, for instance, a car accident and claims he/she has sustained back injuries or whiplash which prevents them from doing everyday activities and going to work and then one day there’s a photo of your client taking part in an activity that an injured person wouldn’t be able to do. If the defendant sees this photo, it can be used as evidence that is likely to work against your case.

Getting legal funding

If your client doesn’t refrain from using social media and doesn’t pay attention to what type of content they post, his/her case might be at risk. What is at risk also is getting the pre-settlement funding. A case that has holes might seem too risky for a funding company to accept. It’s better that you advise your to keep clients off social media like Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms until their case settles.

How you can help your client find cash

As a personal injury attorney, you should first assess your client’s monthly expenses and sources of income and how long will it take for their case to settle. This way you will know how much money your client will need and for how long until the case settles.

In the best case scenario, your client has one or more temporary sources of income such as: borrowing from friends and family, credit card cash advance, funds from savings accounts or they’re eligible for disability insurance coverage or unemployment. If none of these options is available to them then they should consider a pre-settlement cash advance from a legal funding company.

Certified Legal Funding will help your client be financially stable while they wait for their case settlement. They will be able to pay for their medical expenses and everyday costs. Don’t hesitate, call today at 800 922-7439. We are here to help!

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