Where can you turn to when you are involved in a personal injury lawsuit? You should probably start with your lawyer. They are an invaluable asset for you. Right now they are also your biggest cheerleader. Your lawyer could also tell you the best news yet, that your case is likely to win or that there’s a good chance it will settle out of court. That is great but what can you do in the meantime. How will you be able to support yourself? Your settlement isn’t going to be available just yet. Add not being able to work into the mix and you’ll find yourself in a tough position. Enter pre-settlement funding. Pre-settlement funding gives you a portion of your settlement early so that you can be financially secure.

Why is pre-settlement funding so advantageous? It’s because it puts you in a good position. Many people fall into the trap of settling early because they cannot afford the lawsuit costs and need the money now to pay for bills and medical expenses. Pre-settlement funding does away with all that. By having your financial future secure, you can be confident in knowing that you won’t have to settle early, just to afford to live. That’s a pretty liberating feeling!

The way it works is that you have to be a plaintiff in a case that is likely to win or settle. Now once that step is taken care of, it’s required that your lawyer on contingency also signs off on using a legal funding company in order for you to receive your pre-settlement cash advance. When that is agreed upon you’ll then send over an agreement form. Once received you should receive your money shortly, with no restrictions. Win the case; you’ll pay back the amount given to you plus interest and fees. Lose and you can walk away as if nothing ever happened.

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