Sustaining a personal injury is anything but a pleasant experience. And it often gets worse when you try to get compensated while focusing on your recovery. If you’re out of work due to your injury, paying the bills can turn into a nightmare. It’s not like you have cash for lawsuits lying around, which can make filing a personal injury claim sound like an unnecessary gamble. This is when the staff at Certified Legal Funding comes in handy, as they are experienced with pre-settlement accident funding.

Most personal injury attorneys are well aware of the struggles their clients are going through, but regardless of how willing they are to help, they are prohibited by law to lend their clients money. If they do, they may end up losing their license. So, what do you do? This is when pre-settlement legal funding can help.

Meeting legal funding requirements

Legal funding is also known as certified funding, funding for lawsuits, or pre-settlement funding. While some refer to legal funding for lawsuits as legal finance loans, they differ from bank loans. For example, you don’t have to have an impeccable credit score in order to have your legal funding application approved. And you are not required to repay the loan if you lose your personal injury case.

Lawyer Deny Me From Getting a Pre-Settlement Loan

The two most important requirements you need to meet in order to get pre-settlement accident lawsuit funding are a personal injury claim and an attorney. At Certified Legal Funding, all you need to start the application process are your contact details and your attorney information. Their staff will take care of everything else with your attorney while you focus on recovering from your injury.

Approval process for pre-settlement loans

If you need to have an attorney in order to apply for a pre-settlement loan, does that mean you need their approval to apply? Applying for pre-settlement accident lawsuit funding is your decision to make, but your attorney’s cooperation is required. The staff at Certified Legal Funding will work out the details of your case with your attorney in order to approve the application.

While rare, your attorney might advise you against applying for a pre-settlement loan. After all, they are obligated to have your best interests in mind. So what are the situations when your attorney might advise you not to apply for personal injury funding?

First, if you apply too soon for legal funding, your attorney might not have collected all the necessary evidence and documentation needed to approve your application. In that case, you will want to give your attorney more time to prepare everything so you can apply with confidence that you will get the cash advance.

Lawyer Deny Me From Getting a Pre-Settlement Loan

Furthermore, the entire application is based on the circumstances of your case, so it’s important that your attorney builds a strong case – both from the certified legal funding perspective and the amount you are compensated when you win your case.

Another situation in which your attorney might advise you against applying for pre-settlement funding is if you already have too much funding from another lender.

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