If you file a claim after a personal injury accident occurs, you should be aware that every lawsuit is worth a different amount of money. Not every case can be worth millions of dollars and not every case is lower than you’d anticipate it to be. As a plaintiff in a personal injury case, one has to be prepared to fight against the insurance giants. Insurance companies will do everything in their power to minimize the compensation a plaintiff should receive. Don’t be surprised if they try to use every tip, trick or loophole to avoid paying you the personal injury settlement you are entitled to.

However, don’t become discouraged because there are certain ways you can fight the insurance giants and receive a personal injury settlement you deserve. Read ahead and find out what you can do to maximize your personal injury settlement in 3 easy steps.

Document everything

This is the first and most crucial part of proving the other party to be at fault. Document everything! Whether you’re going to work with your insurance company to settle directly with the party at fault or you’re considering to hire a personal injury attorney, you have to have everything documented showing the other party was guilty of the accident. If it’s a motor vehicle accident, you will need a police report. Try not to get persuaded by others to not call the police. It’s essential that you do. On the other hand, if an accident was a slip and fall, make sure you get the contact info of any of the witnesses and ask them to make a statement that day, if possible.

Fortunately, we live in an age of technology and our smartphones are always with us, so use them to take as many photos of the accident as possible. If you hire an attorney, they will request the same photo documents so make sure you have them prepared in advance.

Consult with the right people

When dealing with personal injury insurance claim settlements, it’s important to have the right personal injury lawyer. We recommend you ask your friends and family or research online to find a law firm that matches your needs and that will help you file a lawsuit.

Furthermore, seeing a doctor or a specialist is a must. If you visit the wrong specialist or no doctor at all to treat your pain and sufferings, you risk reducing your personal injury settlement amounts or losing your settlement money entirely.

See it through to the end

If you visited your doctor immediately after the accident, make sure you continue doing so until the end. Also, don’t miss the court dates because you think you have better things to do. It might a signal to the jury that you either aren’t severely injured or that the defendant isn’t guilty at all.

Bear in mind that it’s crucial you listen to what your doctor has to say. Go to every medical appointment and also listen to your attorney’s legal advice. They’ll guide you throughout the entire process.

The process might be challenging; more so if the case drags on for years and you, perhaps, don’t go to work and you’ve lost your income. If at any time it becomes difficult to pay day-to-day expenses and your monthly medical bills, Certified Legal Funding has you covered with our pre-settlement funding option. Get your cash advance today and don’t worry about your financial stability. Call us today at 1-800-922-7439!

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