Life, after losing a loved one, can be quite stressful and chaotic. This is why there are several mistakes people make after a wrongful death.

While emotions are high, it is important to know, if your loved one was lost due to wrongful death, you should avoid doing certain things before your wrongful death case settles, and you and your family receive your wrongful death settlement.

Mistakes after Wrongful Death

Public statements

Depending on the nature of the wrongful death, the media may report on the death, and you, as a family member, may be asked to make public statements.

The time following your loved one’s death due to someone else’s negligence is extremely emotional, and putting yourself and your family in front of cameras isn’t a great idea. Everything you say may be closely monitored and can be used against your wrongful death lawsuit. In such an emotional situation, you don’t always think clearly and may say things that you otherwise wouldn’t. In these cases, it’s best to avoid giving public statements and stay home with your family.

Waiting too long to file a claim for wrongful death of a loved one

It can be hard to think about the legal process in the situation, such as the wrongful death of a loved one. However, it’s quintessential that you take quick action to secure your rights and possible remedies. Each state has passed laws that set time limits on your right to file a claim. This set of laws is called the statutes of limitations. For instance, a wrongful death lawsuit in Florida must be filed within two years of the date of death in most cases, according to Florida Statutes section 95.11(4)(d).

It often takes time to gather all the necessary information and documentation to prepare to file a claim, so take action quickly.

Communicating with the other party

Insurance companies are in the business of making money. You have to be aware that insurance companies and anyone representing the other side do not serve your interests. Although you may think you’re having a simple, innocent conversation with them, it can be used against you and your case.

Make sure you only talk to your wrongful death attorney about the case and let him/her handle everything.

Accepting low settlement

A wrongful death settlement you receive should be adequate to compensate for medical expenses, funeral expenses, loss of consortium, loss of future earnings, and pain and suffering of the decedent.

You may get pressured by the other side and the insurance company to accept a low settlement. But you should first think about it carefully and talk with your attorney.

Not hiring an experienced and skillful attorney

Not hiring an experienced and skillful attorney

If you, as a surviving family member, decide to pursue a wrongful death claim, you should have an experienced attorney by your side who is experienced with these types of cases.

Not applying for pre-settlement funding

Losing a loved one due to somebody else’s gross negligence is catastrophic. CLF is committed to helping you in this time of need. Wrongful death lawsuits can take quite a long time and even become costly. Ensure your family is protected by getting a settlement advance so that you and your family can survive while waiting for the lawsuit to conclude.

Pre-settlement cash advances are the answer for you in this stressful period. The cash advances can be used for anything you want, and you only pay back if you win your case.

Mistakes people make after a wrongful death can sometimes cost them the fair settlement, so make sure you avoid making them. Apply for risk-free pre-settlement funding and let us help you through the hard times. Call today at (800) 922-7439.

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