Injuries sustained due to a personal injury, need to be correctly treated. If you are in the midst of a personal injury case, then it is extremely important to keep up your doctor visits. If you are unable to due to financial reasons, then it might be time to turn to pre-settlement funding. Pre-settlement funding allows you to receive the cash you need in order to continue your medical treatments. If this is the case, then speak with your lawyer on how pre-settlement funding can help you with paying for your medical treatments. In the meantime, it is still important to continue visiting your doctor or doctors. This is because an insurance company will require proof that you are visiting the doctor, in order to accurately measure your claim. But, just visiting a doctor isn’t enough. Check out these four mistakes you will want to avoid.

1. Not Seeking Immediate Medical Treatment

One of the biggest mistakes that personal injury victims make is that they don’t seek immediate medical treatment after an accident. Many of them claim to be fine but actually aren’t. This is because it could take months before symptoms show up. By going to a doctor immediately after an accident, you can avoid this by having a medical professional diagnosis any problems or potential problems early on. The longer you wait, the harder it is to prove that your injury was a result of the accident.  So, make sure to seek out immediate medical attention.

2. Don’t Blow Off Follow Up Appointments

Follow up appointments exist for a reason. If your doctor schedules you for one, don’t skip out. They have a reason for making it in the first place. For example, your doctor may have noticed something that concerns them and they want to keep an eye on it. Or they just want to check in on your progress. Whatever their reason may be, don’t blow it off. Plus, it will look bad for your case.

3. Not Taking Your Medication

We already established that skipping out on follow up appointments is bad. Failing to take your medication is even worse. Your doctor prescribed your meds because you need them. If you stop taking them without an okay from your doctor then it may look bad for your case. Don’t stop taking your meds unless first consulting with your doctor.

4. Completely Stopping Medical Treatment

Outright stopping medical treatment without your doctor’s approval is the same as giving up. This signals to the opposing side that your claim is false and that you aren’t really injured. If you think your treatment isn’t working or is a waste of time, don’t stop. You still need to prove that you require these visits for your claim. Again, your doctor chose the recommended course of action because they believe that it is necessary for your recovery.


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