Filing a personal injury claim or a lawsuit can make you feel as if the justice system has been rigged in favor of the rich and famous. Negotiating a fair settlement and navigating the complex system can take forever, and it costs more than most plaintiffs expect. Most plaintiffs do not have cash for lawsuits just lying around, and many will deliberate whether to give up or keep fighting for justice.

Here at Certified Legal Funding, we are dedicated to helping plaintiffs regain their financial freedom while waiting for their settlement. Today, we are discussing ways plaintiffs can secure funding for lawsuits and sharing everything you need to know about certified funding.

Getting a traditional bank loan is not always the best solution

The first thing people think of when they realize they are running out of cash is getting a bank loan or a mortgage. While there is nothing inherently wrong with these financial products, they are not the best solution for every situation. This is especially true when it comes to cash for lawsuits.


Though sometimes referred to as legal finance loans and legal settlement loans, pre-settlement funding should not be mistaken for a traditional loan. The biggest benefit of pre-settlement funding is that it is nonrecourse. Simply put, if you happen to lose your case and are not awarded compensation, you do not have to repay the legal funding for lawsuits in Tampa.

Another major difference between legal funding and traditional loans is that the approval process is based solely on the circumstances of your case. This means that there are no background checks or credit score checks. As a result, even if your credit score is less than perfect, you can still apply for legal funding and get the cash advance against your settlement.

Your attorney risks getting disbarred if they lend you money

You might think about asking your attorney to lend you money to make your car payment, pay your mortgage, tuition, or medical expenses. However, they risk facing severe penalties, including disbarment because a monetary interest in the case can affect an attorney’s professional judgment.

Certified funding was designed to help plaintiffs and do it quickly

Accident victims often require FAST CASH for many expenses while awaiting a settlement. While it can take weeks between filing a bank loan application and receiving your money, certified funding was designed to provide plaintiffs with low-cost cash advances and pre-settlement accident lawsuit funding right away. In fact, here at Certified Legal Funding, we made sure the application process is as simple as possible so you can get the cash approved within hours.


We have helped thousands of plaintiffs obtain relief when medical bills, living expenses, and other expenses pile up. Whether you were involved in a motor vehicle accident, slipped and fell, or you are suing for medical malpractice, wrongful death, or product liability, in the previous 13 years, we’ve helped nearly 200,000 people just like you. Call toll-free 800- 922-7439 to confirm if you qualify for legal funding loans and have all of your questions answered by our friendly personnel.

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