passenger in a car accidentThis is a question asked by many people: “If I’m a passenger in a car accident am I entitled to settlement money?” Not many people know that they have the right to a car accident passenger claim. It isn’t important whether your driver or the driver of the other car was at fault, you don’t have to prove who was at fault.
If you were in a car accident as a passenger and you are waiting for your passenger in a car accident settlement, you can apply for pre-settlement funding to stay financially stable until your case settles.

Filing a claim

There’s a possibility that a passenger files a claim with each driver’s insurance companies if it was a multi-car accident.
However, if one of the drivers wasn’t at fault, then the passenger may file a claim against an at-fault driver only.
If you were in an accident that occurred in a no-fault state, then you, as a passenger, may file personal injury protection (PIP) or no-fault claim.

Settling the case

If it is determined that both drivers were at fault, then the jury will decide which percentage each party must pay. This is based on their contribution to the cause of the accident.
Depending on the percentage, insurance companies could have arguments about driver liability and the amount they need to pay to the injured passenger. If this happens, it may cause a serious delay in paying the settlement to the passenger.

More than one passenger

There could be multiple passengers in a car accident and all of them are entitled to file claims against the driver at fault. However, there is a limit to the insurance coverage for each accident. The value of personal injury cases of each passenger may exceed the amount of insurance coverage. If this happens, it means that each passenger needs to settle for less than what their case could have been worth.

Insurance limits

Each state has a law that states the required insurance limits. You should familiarize yourself with your state’s law when it comes to insurance and make sure you respect the minimum required.

Certified Legal Funding

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