Many US citizens die or get severely hurt in distracted driving accidents. April is Distracted Driving Awareness month. It is an effort to raise awareness and help prevent more deaths and injuries caused by this type of negligent behavior. But, what is distracted driving? It includes any activity you may perform while driving: talking or texting on your phone, talking to your passengers, eating and drinking, entertainment or navigation system- anything that will take your attention away from your task of driving the vehicle.

Distracted driving is becoming more and more common which poses a serious threat to the lives of pedestrians, drivers, their passengers, and other drivers.

Drivers of all ages tend to engage in distracted driving. However, according to research, young people are more likely to use their phones while driving thus becoming distracted drivers.


TeenSafe conducted research and came up with statistics on distracted driving accidents. So, for instance, in 2015, distracted driving crashes caused 391,000 injuries and 3,477 deaths. Teenagers were the most prominent group to be involved in these types of accidents. Regardless of their age, drivers use their cell phones while driving during the day.

According to the National Safety Council, cell phone use while driving caused 1.5 million car accidents in 2017.

How a Personal Injury Lawsuit Could Occur

If you find yourself in an accident and you are injured, the police are able to determine whether the use of the phone was a factor that caused the accident. Based on all the evidence collected from the police, doctor, accident footage, the history of the driver(s) involved, witnesses, etc, an attorney will recreate how the accident happened and determine how to proceed next. If you were injured and that prevents you from going to work, you can always turn to Certified Legal funding for help. We are aware that it’s no easy endeavor to live with little or no income, especially when you have medical expenses. While waiting for your distracted driving lawsuit to settle, you can apply for pre-settlement funding which will make your life a lot easier. And remember, you pay us back only when and if you win your case.

Despite the laws are more and more strict regarding distracted driving, it seems that the accidents are on the increase. However, you can always hire an attorney to help you win your personal injury case. And feel free to contact CLF for cash advance that will help you and your family live a normal life. Call us on our toll-free number: 800 922-7439!

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