Every now and then a movie or a news report tells a story about a plaintiff being awarded extremely large amounts of money. But what many plaintiffs may not realize after submitting a personal injury claim is that it can take months if not years before they receive their settlement check. Legal experts like the staff at Certified Legal Funding can help you navigate the process to qualify for a lawsuit settlement cash advance.

In some cases, insurance companies stall or drag out the claim so the plaintiff is forced to accept unreasonably low compensation. In other cases, the court system is simply overwhelmed with cases and plaintiffs must wait for their opportunity to present their cases. Either way, plaintiffs are left to deal with living expenses and medical bills, not to mention rehabilitation and recovery, while waiting for their settlement check.

Plaintiffs can access their settlement money before the case is closed.

Certified Legal Funding focuses on helping plaintiffs regain their financial freedom while waiting for the settlement check to arrive. Certified funding is a cash advance on the pending settlement you can use before you win your case. This can be used to pay medical bills, living expenses, tuition, or even help sort out your car payments.

Lawsuit Settlement Cash Advance

Funding for lawsuits should not be mistaken for bank loans. While applying for a bank loan can be a strenuous endeavor that may end in a rejection, applying for pre-settlement funding is simple and can be done with a few clicks. Certified Legal Funding allows plaintiffs to apply online or over the phone in a safe, secure setting.

Your credit score does not affect the outcome of your application.

Sometimes, the banking sector appears to be rigged in favor of wealthy and powerful people. Legal funding for lawsuits in Tampa, on the other hand, was designed to help plaintiffs deal with life’s challenges regardless of their wealth. This means your credit score does not play a role in the application process. In fact, it is not even checked. The approval depends only on the circumstances of your case and a couple of requirements you need to meet in order to apply.

How do you qualify for pre-settlement accident lawsuit funding?

In order to apply for legal funding for lawsuits, you need to have an active personal injury claim. You will also need to have a personal injury attorney before you can apply. If you don’t have a personal injury attorney, you can call CLF at 800-922-7439 before completing the form. You can also read the FAQs online to get help in finding the right attorney for you.

Lawsuit Settlement Cash Advance

Because the application approval is based solely on the circumstances of your case, CLF will contact your attorney to discuss the details of your case in order to determine if you qualify for legal funding. This is why you should give your attorney some time to work on the evidence and prepare the documentation before applying.

What happens if you lose your case?

Because legal funding is not a bank loan, there are no restrictions regarding how you spend it. In other words, you can spend it any way you see fit. And if you don’t win your case, you aren’t required to repay the cash advance on your lawsuit settlement.

If you are considering getting funding for lawsuits but have questions not covered in this post, call CLF at 800-922-7439 or use the contact page to email a personal representative.

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