The lawsuit loan industry is extremely popular these days, that’s a fact. So, if you’ve been in an accident and are now struggling to pay your everyday bills, medical and other expenses, you’ve probably thought about applying for a pre-settlement cash advance. Since the industry is on the rise, there are many companies out there that will offer a cash advance to you. There are many reputable and reliable lawsuit funding companies, but there are also the ones that will try to empty your pockets.

It is extremely important that you do your research when it comes to best pre-settlement funding companies and to ask for advice from trustworthy sources. So, here are a few tips on how to tell if the pre-settlement funding company is reliable.

Prompt and transparent communication

When you decide to contact a pre-settlement funding company you should be able to speak with a live person and all the questions you might have should be answered quickly. If you see hesitation and the answers to your questions are inconsistent or vague, you should definitely start looking for another company whose communication will be prompt and without hesitation.

Collaborates with you and your attorney

Another important characteristic of a good funding company is that they collaborate and work closely with your attorney so you have time to focus on your life. If they discourage you from bringing your attorney on board that should mean that something’s wrong and it should be a red flag for you.

No hidden or exorbitant fees

If you come across an unethical company they will probably ask for an application fee only to see if your case qualifies for a pre-settlement cash advance. Moreover, if there are certain fees or interest rates that are not mentioned anywhere and that are not a usual practice among relevant funding companies then that’s a red flag for you.

Legitimate reputation

Our recommendation is that you do your own research about the potential litigation funding company; see how long they have been around, read their client reviews and the way they work. You should choose a company that abides by specific terms and law which will make you feel more confident and protected.

Pre-settlement funding helps you

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