Legal funding industry is on the rise as we all know and there are more and more legal funding companies across the United States which can be extremely helpful to plaintiffs after a personal injury accident. Many people look for a lawsuit funding company with a good reputation in order to seek financial help while waiting for their case to settle in the most favorable way possible. When looking for a funding company, it’s important to pay attention to a few factors that may tell you what kind of company it really is.

The funding company’s reputation will be influenced by the following factors:


No one likes to be surprised by unexpected fees; that’s a fact. However, there may be companies who want to lure as many clients as possible by not disclosing all the fees which could be a nightmare for some plaintiffs. Every company should charge only the pre-determined fees and there shouldn’t be any hidden costs, no out of pocket costs, upfront payments and no complex interest calculations.

Not disclosing all the fees is a tactic that can easily be found out because clients have numerous ways to express their disappointment.

If you need legal funding for lawsuits in Tampa, then Certified Legal Funding is your right choice. We don’t have any hidden fees and you don’t have to pay us back if you don’t win your case.

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As already mentioned, pre-settlement funding is a very competitive business with a lot of companies all around the United States. It shouldn’t be in a company’s best interest to charge exorbitant fees because lawyers and clients will find out soon and start looking for more reputable and fairer companies.

You should also make sure that the company follows all the relevant rules and regulations or you risk breaking certain laws, thus bringing your case into jeopardy.

If you have a personal injury lawyer, and we recommend you do, he/she most likely already knows which the best funding companies are so he/she can recommend. This is another reason why a funding company needs to pay attention to its reputation.

Reputation is vital for any kind of business; especially now that we live in the digital media world where everything is accessible to everyone. Clients will surely look up cash advance companies online, read reviews and pass on any firm with questionable service.

This is also why CLF is your number 1 funding company. We can give you your legal settlement loan in no time and you can continue your life with no worries about finances. You pay us back when you win your case! Call today at 800 922-7439 and let us help you!

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