Although you never know whether your lawsuit will go to trial or not, it’s most likely that you’ll be offered a settlement outside of court in order to avoid the costs that a litigation process brings.

However, the settlement you may be offered may not be good enough for you and/or doesn’t reflect what your case is actually worth.

So how do you know if the settlement is good enough? Fortunately, if you’ve hired an experienced personal injury attorney who has handled many cases similar to yours, he/she will know whether or not the offered settlement is suitable.

But since there are many factors that are taken into account when it comes to determining the value of a settlement, it’s good to know the main ones: injury and fault.



When you’re injured in an accident, your injuries are considered damages. The more severe the damages – months or years of rehab, surgery, etc. – the higher the settlement will be. But if your injury is less severe with little to no recovery time, you can expect less of a payout.



Whose fault was the accident? If it was the defendant’s fault, then the compensation will be taken care of by them.

If the accident was your fault or partially your fault, you can expect the compensation to be lower.

It can, at times, be extremely difficult to resolve the issue of fault so you’ll need to go to trial. However, it’s sometimes easy to determine fault and liability based on all of the facts of the case.


How do I pay my attorney?

The attorney you’ve hired receives money when you are awarded the settlement and you will know this and all of the terms before the settlement offer is made.


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