If you are injured in a car accident, it’s easy for your emotions to run high. This stressful and traumatic event can really cause you to not think clearly. That’s why it is important to not let your emotions cloud your judgment. They can lead to poor decisions that might affect your personal injury claim and therefore have an impact on your settlement. These can also affect your pre-settlement funding options. With pre-settlement funding you can receive a portion of your settlement early on, which can be very helpful if you need to pay your medical bills. But before thinking about pre-settlement funding, it’s important to think about a few things first. The first thing to think about is your safety. Make sure you are safe from harm before you move on to considering the following things:

  1. Seek Immediate Medical Attention

This step is very important. You may not feel like you were injured or have visible injuries, but it’s best to head to the hospital right away. It’s possible for some symptoms to not appear until a short time after your accident. Visiting the emergency room immediately can help you with your personal injury claim.

  1. Call The Police

Don’t let an accident turn into a he said she said situation. Call the police to come assist you during the accident. They will have a written report that will document how the situation occurred. Also, find witnesses and get their contact info so that they can help with your personal injury case.

  1. Start Documenting

Details, details, details! Details are crucial in a personal injury lawsuit. Get photos of your car from as many different angels and shots as possible. Also, make sure to document all of your doctor visits and how the injury you sustained has affected you. Don’t forget to save your receipts for meds, traveling expenses, and any medical equipment that you require.

Now is the time to secure your financial future while you await your settlement. Don’t settle for anything less than the amount you deserve. Make sure you receive the money that should be awarded to you by calling us at 1-800-922-7439 today. We are available 24/7, because we know the world doesn’t stop for anybody. So, let CLF have your back with pre-settlement funding.


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