If you or someone you care about has been involved in a car, motorcycle or truck accident and seriously injured, it’s vital that you know your rights and do everything to protect them and receive the compensation you deserve. It’s true that many accident victims don’t know how much to expect from car accident settlement nor how insurance companies work.

Some people may have heard car accident settlement stories but don’t have the knowledge about the process or how insurance companies function, which is understandable. The lack of knowledge may be used by insurance companies to their advantage, so it’s best that a plaintiff hires a legal expert who is experienced and possesses the important knowledge and skills.

Crucial steps to take after a car accident

Following a car accident you’ve been involved in, you need to seek medical help. If you don’t do this or do it after a couple of months, the insurance company will assume that the injuries are not serious at all or that they may have been fabricated.

Next step is hiring an experienced personal injury attorney which is recommended so all your legal rights are protected. His/her knowledge will be crucial in winning your case. Your attorney can file a bodily injury claim on your behalf. The legal counsel or attorney will make a demand to the insurance company for the bodily injuries of their litigant in case he/she thinks that the case can be settled amicably. On the other hand, if it’s impossible for the case to be settled amicably, a lawsuit will be filed by your attorney.

How does a personal injury lawsuit start? It starts by filing a summons and complaint with the applicable court, and then there is a discovery process that involves written questions that must be answered under oath. If attorneys can’t settle the case by just talking to each other, they go to mediation. Mediation is a process when both attorneys and their clients go in front of a mediator to try to settle the case.

When you decide to hire an attorney, make sure you check their background and previous work.


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