If you have a pending lawsuit or you are expecting to receive a settlement for personal injuries, you might be entitled to pre-settlement funding. Here at Certified Legal Funding, we qualify many different cases in order to help plaintiffs regain their financial freedom while waiting for their settlement.

Though not a new phenomenon, there is a lot of myths and confusion surrounding certified funding. Is pre-settlement funding too good to be true? Who can apply for legal funding? What are the requirements we take into consideration when approving applications? Today we are diving deep into the nitty-gritty of funding for lawsuits and answering some of the most common questions.

What is pre-settlement funding?

First things first, let’s take a closer look at what pre-settlement funding actually is. Pre-settlement funding is also known as legal funding for lawsuits in Tampa, or simply as personal injury funding. It can also be referred to as legal settlement loans, but it should not be mistaken for a traditional bank loan. It is a cash advance against the settlement you expect to receive.


In order to apply, you need to meet two requirements. The first one is that you need to hire a personal injury attorney. If you do not have a personal injury attorney, give us a call at 800- 922-7439 before submitting your application. The second requirement is that you have suffered a personal injury or damages that are compensable.

Types of cases that qualify for legal funding for lawsuits in Tampa

Here at Certified Legal Funding, we fund the following types of cases.

Motor vehicle accidents: If you were involved in any type of motor vehicle accident such as those involving vans, cars, motorbikes, bikes, or buses, you could seek compensation for your injuries and damages.

Pedestrian accidents: This type of accident is usually caused by failure to yield right of way, improperly crossing the roadway, poor visibility, and running into the road, to name a few.

Worker’s compensation: Regardless you work in an office or at a site, your employer is obligated to ensure the environment is safe and that you are appropriately taught to use the equipment whenever applicable. If you sustain injuries at work, your employer might owe you compensation.

Slip/trip & falls: Property owners are required to ensure safety for anyone who enters it. If they are unable to then to the hazard, they need to warn the visitors with proper signage until they fix the hazard. If they fail to do any of those things and you trip or slip and fall, you have the right to be compensated for your injuries and damages.

Medical malpractice: It can happen that a doctor’s negligence leads to serious injuries that cause additional damages and costs. This type of case can involve birth injuries, wrong medication, and wrong/delayed diagnosis.


Don’t see your situation?

While we listed some of the most common types of cases we fund, your case might qualify even if it is not listed above. To check if your situation qualifies you for pre-settlement funding, call toll-free 800-922-7439.

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