You might have a large injury lawsuit settlement coming your way, but that does not stop bills and expenses from piling up in the meantime. Hospital bills, physical therapy, and other unforeseen expenses, combined with the usual cost of living can become overwhelming pretty quickly. Certified Legal Funding of Tampa is familiar with these challenges and can help by providing pre-settlement cash advances for accident injury claims and lawsuit expenses.

Legal Funding for Lawsuits in Tampa

For example, taking time off of work to recover from injuries sustained in an accident can cause an additional financial strain. This is the number one reason why many people choose to take a lowball settlement offer just so they can go back to their lives and try to cover their expenses. But Certified Legal Funding is dedicated to helping accident victims obtain adequate relief so they resist the temptation to accept low, unfair settlements. CLF can help you better understand the process to secure legal funding for lawsuits in Tampa.

Lawsuits are drawn out – sometimes on purpose.

As frustrating as it may seem, insurance companies and their attorneys count on victims accepting any settlement offer simply because they are strapped for cash. So they draw out the litigation process on purpose. Luckily, some options allow you and your personal injury attorney to avoid these scare tactics and negotiate a fair settlement.

What is certified funding?

Certified funding, also known as pre-settlement funding, legal finance loans, and legal settlement loans, is a cash advance from your court award before the final decision is actually made. Legal funding for lawsuits in Tampa is practically risk-free because you do not have to repay your advance if you do not win your case.

How do I qualify for legal funding for lawsuits?

In order to qualify for personal injury funding, you only need to have an attorney and an ongoing personal injury case. It is crucial to keep in mind that pre-settlement accident lawsuit funding is not considered a loan.

qualify for legal funding for lawsuits

Unlike bank loans, funding for lawsuits is based on the circumstances of your case and not your credit score. In fact, there are no credit checks involved in pre-settlement loans. This means that you might be eligible for legal funding for lawsuits even if you have a less-than-perfect credit score. Not having to worry about any monthly payments or fees during the course of your case is another benefit of legal funding for lawsuits.

How does legal funding work?

Certified Legal Funding considers legal settlement loans a lifeline designed to help you stay afloat while negotiating fair compensation. You can apply for personal injury funding in two ways. First, you can call 800- 922-7439 to let operators walk you through the process and answer all your questions or concerns along the way.

Or, you can fill out a short form with your contact details and your attorney’s information on Certified Legal Funding’s website. CLF will then contact your attorney to sort out everything for you, so you can focus on recovering from your accident. The funds are typically deposited to your account 24 hours after approval, if not sooner.

Certified Legal Funding is the leading legal funding company in Tampa.

If you are facing the pressure to settle quickly, consider the benefits that certified funding can offer. Call 800-922-7439 or submit a brief form on the CLF website to get answers to your questions about legal funding now.



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