If you had an accident and you’re planning to file a claim, the very first thing you should do is identify a knowledgeable and experienced personal injury attorney in Tampa to handle your case.

The job of your attorney is to represent you and your interests. However, it can often be that your attorney has their own interests that may not match yours. You, as a plaintiff in the case, must be aware and well-informed when you’re going to hire an attorney or personal injury lawyer for your case.

Take a look at the following considerations that your attorney may not tell you:

Attorney’s fees are negotiable

The fees that your personal injury attorney in Tampa presents to you are negotiable. If you’ve found a significantly cheap attorney, it may be questionable. Feel free to negotiate with a credible attorney to reach the fees that work best for both of you.

You don’t always get the one you want

Many law firms pay to be all over the media. They feature an image or voice of a supposed attorney to make the clients call them and seek their legal advice. However, these are the firms that have paid for leads. Nevertheless, these firms can be very professional and fully legitimate.

The attorney you first meet with may never handle your case

When you go to your initial consultation, the law firm may send a senior attorney to talk to you. This doesn’t mean he/she will be the one handling your case. Other attorneys, paralegals, non-attorney case managers may be the ones who will be involved in your case. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean it won’t be done properly.

You may not even need an attorney (although you will for lawsuit funding)

Unscrupulous attorneys may not tell that you don’t need their services because they see your case as easy money. In the instance that you’ve sustained severe injuries, but have everything well documented while the other party is fully cooperative, you may not need an attorney.

Small firms don’t usually have the financial resources for upfront costs

Personal injury attorneys usually pay for additional private investigators, forensics experts, and other specialists. This can make a difference whether you win or lose the case. It is extremely important to find an attorney who has the financial resources for additional costs.

Law firms don’t always want you to search for online reviews

In order to find a good attorney, search for their reviews at sites such as AVVO. By reading the reviews you can get a general sense about the attorney and the firm.

A law firm may decline your case for not being lucrative

If the law firm thinks that the payout won’t be enough for them, they will not accept your case.

Attorneys may claim they can secure large settlements so they get your case

Some personal injury attorneys may promise they will secure you a larger than possible settlement just to work on your case and outbid other law firms.

Attorneys might not tell you about legal funding

There are some attorneys that won’t mention legal funding to you because some of these companies may have a shady reputation. However, Certified Legal Funding offers you a pre-settlement cash advance. If you lose, you don’t pay back anything. Pre-settlement funding will help you pay for your medical expenses.

If you’re a plaintiff in a personal injury case and you need money to stay financially stable while waiting for your case to settle, contact CLF today! We’re here to help you get your life back on track!

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