Following an accident, as people recover, they often find themselves unable to work and in a financial bind. The vast majority of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck, and the long wait for insurance to settle a claim can really take a toll. As a result, everyday people are frequently forced to accept whatever is offered, even if it is far below the fair value of their claim. Taking this low offer can lead to long-term financial instability as families try to get their lives back on track.

Consumer legal funding provides a debt-free financial option for those who have suffered injury in an accident have a pending legal claim. By selling a small portion of the potential proceeds of a claim, people can replace lost income now after an accident and regain immediate financial stability while pursuing the fair value of their claim. Consumer legal funding helps families meet obligations, avoid public assistance, and recover.

Why Consumer Legal Funding is Needed Today More Than Ever

Opponents of consumer legal funding argue that consumers have other options and are trying to limit access by introducing legislative restrictions. These barriers would prevent people from accessing the product when they need it most.
Legislation is being proposed across the country to fully ban or make cost-prohibitive for companies to offer consumer legal funding, effectively banning the product.

Families need an additional $5,200 this year in order to meet basic needs due to inflation. Personal injury cases take between 1-3 years to settle.

Why Consumer Legal Funding is Needed Today More Than Ever

Opponents of the industry are attempting to limit legal funding products with the goal of forcing consumers into accepting low-ball settlements for their own financial gain.

Justice Lewis Powell Jr’s quote on “Equal justice under law” is referenced as a reminder that everyone should have access and availability for fair and just settlements regardless of economic status. Consumer legal funding provides individuals with a way to receive “equal justice” so they can get a settlement without being forced into one because of their financial circumstances.

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