Getting denied from any form of financial funding request is not a pleasant experience. But what do you do when it happens? Certified Legal Funding has experience with clients who are in a situation they would rather not be in. Their attorneys know the most common reasons plaintiffs get denied pre-settlement cash advance, and what you can do to ensure your application is approved as soon as possible.

First, Certified Legal Funding makes sure the application process is as simple as possible. While a simple application process does not necessarily mean that every application is approved by default, it can save you time and aggravation. CLF offers answers to commonly asked questions about why plaintiffs get denied for pre-settlement funding, and what to do if that happens to you.


What is certified funding?

Certified funding is often referred to as pre-settlement funding, legal funding for lawsuits, or legal settlement loans. But whatever you call it, pre-settlement funding should not be mistaken for traditional bank loans, as there are differences. For example, when a client comes to CLF to receive cash for lawsuits, the approval is not based on the client’s credit score. There are other factors that determine your chances of receiving funding for lawsuits, too.

Do you have a personal injury attorney?

One requirement for lawsuit funding is that you are represented by an attorney. Regardless of how strong of a case you have, if you are not represented by a personal injury attorney, the chances of receiving legal funding are rather slim. Another reason your application might get denied is if your attorney fails to deliver all of the required documentation related to your case.

If you are looking for a personal injury attorney, reach out to Certified Legal Funding by calling 800-922-7439 before filling out the online form, or find more info in the FAQ section.

Is your case too new?

The outcome of your application is not based on your credit score, but only the circumstances of your case. This means the certified legal funding companies are taking a greater risk than banks are, so they need enough information about your claim to make an informed decision.

Avoid Denial of Pre-settlement Cash Advance Consultation

If you file for pre-settlement funding too soon after the incident, there might not be enough documentation (police reports, medical records, etc.) available, and your application might end up being denied.

Did you reach the limit of available funding?

When applying for a pre-settlement cash advance, you’ll be asked whether you have already sought funding based on your case. If there is no more room based on your expected reward or settlement, your application may be denied.

Tampa residents and people all over the country trust Certified Legal Funding.

The legal experts at Certified Legal Funding are focused on getting you the money you need and do it quickly. They make the application process as simple as possible. Just fill out the form and they will take care of the rest with your attorney.

If you aren’t sure if you meet the requirements, or if you would like to apply over the phone, call 800 922-7439. The friendly CLF personnel will be more than happy to help you.

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