San Francisco, California can offer so many things to everyone. Unfortunately, as in every other place on Earth, accidents happen in San Francisco, too. If an accident happened to you or anyone you know, we will make sure that the time after the accident goes as smoothly as possible. Certified Legal Funding’s experienced experts will do everything in their power to make it easy for you during the time you’re waiting for your personal injury case to settle in court.

Our San Francisco, California legal funding is available to you. But what is settlement funding? It’s a cash advance that is given to you to make your life easier after an accident. The one thing everyone should know is that our San Francisco pre-settlement cash advance can be used for anything you want –  there are no limits. More importantly, you only give the money back if you win your case!

Read on to find out the most common accidents that happen to people for which you can apply to get your pre settlement funding:

  • San Francisco, California, Motor vehicle accidents– Car accidents are very common and they can cause serious injuries which, in turn, can cause unexpected financial problems. However, while waiting for your case to settle in court, you can obtain pre-settlement funding and avoid any financial problems.
  • San Francisco, California, Pedestrian accidents– Pedestrian accidents are also common, and they usually happen at crosswalks, sidewalks, or construction sites. You can make a personal injury claim after this type of accident, especially if you’re unable to go to work.
  • San Francisco, California, Worker’s compensation– Were you injured while working? The purpose of worker’s compensation is to help employees injured at work.  While you and your personal injury attorney are working on your case, you should acquire a cash advance.Call CLF within 24 hours to start receiving money now! Call us at 800 922-7439.
  • San Francisco, California, Slip/trip & falls– People trip and fall all the time due to different reasons. These kinds of lawsuits can take a while to settle, and you may need financial help to cover all of the everyday expenses. CLF in San Francisco, California will provide you with a pre-settlement advance so you are financially stable until your case is settled.
  • San Francisco, California, Wrongful death– Losing a loved one due to someone else’s negligence is difficult. To make it even harder, the family has to cover the funeral and continue living, often without any income. To protect your family, contact CLF for a cash advance.
  • San Francisco, California, Product liability– Every day we buy different products that we assume are safe. However, it’s not always the case. If you were harmed by a product, you have the right to compensation. Since these cases usually take a long time to settle, you may want to start thinking about a settlement advance to cover your everyday expenses.


San Francisco, California is pure magic. It is the cultural, commercial, and financial center of Northern California. The earliest archaeological evidence of human habitation of the territory of the city of San Francisco dates to 3000 BC. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates San Francisco’s population to be 883,305 as of July 1, 2018.

If you’re in San Francisco, then you should definitely visit the Golden Gate Bridge, which is one of the seven modern world wonders and San Francisco’s most famous landmark. And while you’re there, be sure to enjoy the city’s ethnic and cultural diversity!

And if anything unwanted happens, and you need the services of a legal funding company, feel free to contact Certified Legal Funding. We will be glad to help you! Call on Toll-Free Number: 800 922-7439.

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