Hiring a personal injury lawyer is a dilemma many people have. Is it worth it to hire a personal injury lawyer and will it break the bank? When you’re researching lawyers, a question to ask a personal injury lawyer before hiring is how much they charge and how the fees are distributed. It’s suggested that you as many questions about cost as you can and you will see how the lawyer responds and how serious he/she is about the client service.

Read on and find out some ways lawyers may use to charge their services:

  • Hourly
  • Flat Fee
  • Retainer
  • Contingency Fee

The most common way a lawyer may charge his/her clients are hourly rates. What does it mean? It means that a lawyer is paid for every hour he/she spends working on your personal injury case. However, the hourly rate your lawyer will charge you depends on certain things such as the location of the office, the lawyer’s experience, and operating expenses. For instance, lawyers in rural areas may be cheaper than lawyers in larger metropolitan areas.

If a lawyer uses a flat fee way of charging for his/her services, it means he/she knows the case is going to be short and to the point. If this is how your lawyer charges services, make sure you know what a flat fee will and will not cover. It’s possible that filing fees may be charged separately.

Another way for lawyers to charge for their legal services is a retainer. You may think of it as a legal finance holding tank for your money. It is deducted by your lawyer depending on the services he/she provides while working on your case. Billing statements are available periodically and you should view them on a regular basis to know what fees you’re paying for.

A contingency fee is most common in car accident lawsuits, medical malpractice cases, and other personal injury cases. This means that a lawyer handling your case receives a percentage of the settlement when the case is closed; so you don’t pay anything up front.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer doesn’t have to be all that difficult and it’s important to have one if you want to win your case and get the settlement you deserve. If you’re having financial trouble in the meantime, legal funding companies such as Certified Legal Funding are there to help you. Apply for a pre-settlement cash advance and don’t worry! You’ll be able to pay your medical expenses and everyday expenses while waiting for your case to settle. Call on Toll-Free Number: 800 922-7439.

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